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06-17-2021, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by hDreamer1988 View Post
That would be amazing but we would go broke in the first week. Every pro immigration group knows that

Open border =$$$$$$$$
Exactly....Open Border + Continued Fear is what brings in the money. Both of those things need to be maintained. The biggest risk to that is immigration reform/Dreamer legalization. The latter is NOT in the best interest of these groups as that would be the beginning of the end of their core existence. This is not in their interest. Hence they will make all sorts of radical demands to show they are fighting but deep inside their ultimate goal will be nothing to pass. Its a big conspiracy. And then come along Presidents like Trump...they are good for business for these organizations. They need individuals like that to use to promote fear as much as they can.

The biggest obstacle of Dreamers getting green cards is UWD and similar organizations. That is where the we should focus on countering.
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