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08-19-2019, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Afridi786 View Post
Lol, there's not going to be a deal. He already got billions for his wall with no compromise. Best case scenario, he delays DACA cancellation until after the election, and then a Democrat wins.
Like it or not Trump WILL get re-elected its impossible for a democrat to win.

Biden is a joke. Unless the democratic party somehow pushes Michelle Obama to run there can be a chance but still.

These liberals all they want to do is give give give, in the alternative universe that they win they are going to collapse the country, Trump HAS to win.

Lmfao canceling student load debt, lmfao raising minimum wage... Whats next? $1000 a month to everyone in the country? Oh wait one of the retard candidates is offering that bs too lmfao what a joke.
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