Youth for Youth

We are a group of young, Memphis based, community leaders and organizers coming together in order to effect plausible and reasonable social, economic, and political changes within the community so as to transform Memphis and the surrounding area into a more unified, productive, educated, and harmonious society.

What are we fighting for?

Equal educational rights (DREAM ACT) Islamophobia Immigrant assimilation into the community CIR

Network: Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) Latino Memphis Comunidades Unidas en Una Voz Workers Interfaith Network (WIN) Midsouth Peach and Justice Center

Recent Actions/accomplishments:

  1. College in a Coffin (@ the MCS Board of Education)
  2. College in a Coffin Nashville (delivered the coffin to Sen. Corker’s office)
  3. Received word from Sen. Corker and his desire to create a relationship with the immigrant community.
  4. Youth for Youth became part of a wider TN youth movement Coalition fighting against Islamophobia and pushing the DREAM Act.

More information?

Email: [email protected]

Memphis, TN 38112
United States
Phone: 901.848.9466
35° 8' 36.15" N, 89° 58' 2.4492" W