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Its installation has been mostly based on the installation frame strip LED power supply device, you can also separately install power supply unit and support structure, projecteur extérieur led leads from the power supply device, vertically downward irradiation plants. Each LED light source composed by a number of LED lamp beads, depending on the assembly requirements, the shape can be square or round. According to the different types of crops, contributes red and blue LED light source interval, leafy crops could consider setting up red and blue light ratio (R / B) is (7-9): 1, because the red light for stem elongation spot exterieur long promoted, may also play a role in the increase in production, vegetables and fruit crops, R, B ratio can be set (5-10): 1. Independent install MyLED coupon structure light source greenhouse fill light system. The upper left corner power supply unit LED light source, the positive column is the support structure LED light source and power supply unit. LED light source is generally suspended above the plants fill light, lighting systems often in a fixed state, is not easy to adjust the height, reach a certain height for fruit vegetables fill light is more appropriate. A new product to replace the old product must have its advantages, incandescent replace kerosene, because of its high brightness and utilization of new energy, MyLED discount will replace incandescent because of its energy-saving and environmental protection. Alternate years, also introduce new products, LED flashlight also been many improvements, now are widely used in various industries. Compared to the past, we used an ordinary flashlight, what is the advantage of LED flashlight?LED flashlight, even though initially more expensive, they are more efficient and effective when compared to the traditional bombillas g9 led flashlight for long term. LED is at least 80% more efficient and less frequently by battery operation. This not only saves money, but also to ensure that the flashlight will work when it is most needed. Compared to ordinary flashlight, LED flashlight is more flexible. LED bulbs may not accommodate, hit rough ground or affect knock, because the bulb filament is subtle. However, LED bulbs are able to withstand tough handling regular contact with the flashlight. myledgrowupanty 150129

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