Latinos Unidos Siempre

Rallying for Rights

L.U.S. (Latinos Unidos Siempre) works toward the educational, cultural, and political development of Latino youth by empowering youth to take leadership roles in the community. We:

advocate for social and political change combate racist stereotyping & discrimination through grassroots organizing. help the community, which is why the organization often holds community events such as the annual Thanksgiving dinner that helps feed many families in need. Along with other events, L.U.S. provides youth trainings that deal with common problems amongst teens: pregnancy, gangs, dropouts, political processes, immigration reform, Measure-11, and police harassment.

2921 Saddle Club St. S.E. #1009
Salem, OR 97317
United States
44° 54' 8.4816" N, 122° 58' 15.8988" W