Improving Dreams, Equality, Access, and Success

UCLA students, faculty and administrators

came together during the summer of 2003 and officially

established IDEAS at UCLA in October 2003. As a support network

for undocumented and AB-540 undocumented students at UCLA

and across diverse communities outside of UCLA, IDEAS members

collectively form camaraderie of people connected by shared

experiences, struggles, and successes

volving from a support network to a

student organization and community outreach

project, IDEAS now guides high school and

community college students in their transition to institutions

of higher education. In the summer of 2004, IDEAS initiated

the AB540 project to bring awareness of the AB540 legislation

and to provide information on educational and financial

resources available to Los Angeles, Orangeand Riverside

Counties. This is accomplished through informational

workshops, student panels, counselor

conferences, and community events.

220 Westwood Boulevard Community Programs Office 105 Student Activity Center, 106C
Los Angeles, CA
United States
34° 3' 6.6024" N, 118° 26' 19.6152" W