Kentucky Dream Coalition

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The Kentucky Dream Coaition is a network of student and immigrant youth led organizations that are working diligently with allies and educator for immigrant and refugee youth rights, access to higher education and empowerment through leadership, networking, community building and esteem building programs. Since March 2005, Enlace, the originating organization of the Kentucky Dream Coalition, has partnered with the office of Latino/Hispanic Outreach at Bluegrass Community and Technical College to create a series of programs such as the Latino Leadership and College Experience Camp, the Latino/Multicultural College Fair, and many programs, campaigns and activities to raise awareness of higher education opportunities and raise support for the DREAM Act. Enlace also partnered with Educating Latinos for Kentucky's Future, the Migrant Network Coalition, and the Kentucky Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights to carry out the forementioned programs as well as to advocate for in-state tuition for undocumented immigrant students in Kentucky and to provide a Democracy School to train other immigrant youth to advocate for the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform. Currently, the Kentucky Dream Coalition is a collaborative network of student groups including BCTC/UK's Enlace, HOPE of WKU, students at Berea College and NKU, the Soñadores of Oldham County High School and high school students all across the state.

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