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Mission Statement: We are youth leaders throughout the Fox Valley of Wisconsin gathered to build community, take action on issues of injustice, and unite people from various backgrounds around a positive vision for our community.

Here is a video the youth just put together yesterday:

The youth in LUNA, organized by ESTHER, created a video at their back-to-school kick-off yesterday. Please take time in the next day to contact your legislator to support the DREAM Act! Share this message with others.

Click the link below to watch the video: LUNA Youth: We have a Dream! DREAM Act 2010

Contact your Senators and Congressperson and tell them that we need the DREAM Act passed now! Here is a link to take action:

LUNA youth leaders, organized by ESTHER in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin are working to take action for immigrant rights. In this video, we share our dream and the impact the DREAM Act will make in our lives.

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