"Yundu - Joe's Cup" the 2011 national Chinese eight ball tournaments (Beijing Railway Station)Wuhan night fashion men's qualifying for Wuhan city has brought the Chinese eight ball has hitherto unknown, and the "dream team" of the grand debut is the heat to vertex. The evening of November 6th, by the local well-known brand Malibu billiards club invitation, the "dream team" in the world's longest Pedestrian Street Pedestrian Street of Optics Valley were magnificent performance,becoming a powerful testimony to the Chinese eight ball cultural development. Ninth, after the red ball stage, Wei Liang cheap oakleys won the right to attack, a Taiwan - Ching, Liu answered witha bureau. 5-4 counter ultra score. In fact, the race she had the chance to move on, but because it is the first time to hold such a large-scale Chinese eight ball tournament, fuzzy rules caused her to lose the opportunity to qualify. It is worth mentioning that, standing women's champion is now world famous football star Fu Xiaofang 9ball, visible at the levels of the athletes are not low. 10 meters, Chen Ruolin and Hu Yadan on a single project still have to fight, Chen Ruolin is the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai world champion, but in the last World Cup she was 4.15 pointsagainst the poor little sister Hu Yadan, this time Hu Yadan will be staged defending war. Chen Ruolin and Hu Yadan's little difference in the strength, who can have the last laugh on crucial. In addition,Chen Ruolin also played together with Wang Hao doubles for Chen Ruolin, only one goal, and strive to four consecutive doubles! (Sohu sports Tauranga) Sohu sports news (Sohu sports Ceng Zhen July 22nd Anhui Hefei report) "today's game can not playgames, but this is the last time before the game, so come and play. He also figured for the state,after all the game this year is not much, want to look for their own shortcomings, can be improved a lot and make up......" In the just concluded National Ray Ban Sunglasses outlet Fencing Championships, Tan Xue in the women wear the individual race still won the championship by a wide margin. Beijing time on February 8th afternoon, "Hendry served as the Chinese eight ball global ambassadorsigning ceremony" was held in Beijing Guangdong hotel. The greatest snooker star Hendry from theChinese eight michael kors factory outlet ball leader Joe's hand took the letter, marking the Chinese eight ball the Chineseoriginal billiards open the door from the world stage. "Come on!" , "come on!" The game, wangjingzhi stadium, Tan Xue Perspiration came down like raindrops., youbengyoudiao. Two new Games champion, one of the happiness of the newly marriedcouple, become a gentle scenery in the Eleventh National Fencing fake oakleys for sale arena, others envy. The organizing committee will advance remittance for athletes during the games of accident fake oakleys cheap injury insurance. No advance registration, or fax a copy of the identity card player, self insurance.

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