Wiring Diagram of Sensor 220VAC 3 Core

In the picture "Motion Sensor For Disinfecting https://spotdiagram.blogspot.com/ Chamber" There is a picture of the 220VAC 3 Core sensor terminal, which means that 2 wires are the input power of the sensor 220VAC and the output uses 1 cable (Phase / Line)

Wiring Diagram of Sensor 220VAC 3 Core

The picture above is a wiring diagram of a disinfectant pump https://megadiagram.blogspot.com/ using a 220, 3 Core motion sensor. and there are additions to the relay contacts that can be used for fans, signal on, and sirens.

Pump Series 220VAC + Sensor 220VAC 3 wires

Figure "220VAC Pump Series + 3-wire 220VAC Sensor" https://diagramflash.blogspot.com/ above is an example of assembling an automatic disinfectant pump. This disinfectant pump will work automatically in the presence of a motion sensor,

for the position of the sensor can be positioned https://diagramwow.blogspot.com/ above the entrance of the booth, so that if there is detected entering the booth or gate, the sensor will output to turn on the relay.

Why do you have to use a relay? The use of relays https://wandstop.blogspot.com/ for anticipation or safety of the sensor if the sensor used is too large which can cause sensor damage.

The relay function can be replaced with a contactor, https://hdimago.blogspot.com/ depending on the load / pump to be used, and if the relay is on (Coil relay gets 220VAc voltage) The relay contact will work and be used to turn on the Disinfectant Pump which can be added with fans and other signals.

This circuit is recommended because the https://imagoony.blogspot.com/ voltage used for the device is 220VAC which is commonly used in residential electricity.

B. 220VAC 4 Core sensor

If in the market we only find a 220VAC sensor https://jeanavido.blogspot.com/ with 4 cables, 2 cables are used as power and 2 cables are used as Outputs in the form of Contacts.

220VAC sensor circuit with 4 cables

If the sensor uses 4 wires, with 2 wires in the form of power and the other wires in the form of contacts, the contacts from the sensor output can be utilized for the power relay output to be used according to the availability of parts https://martinkivano.blogspot.com/ (The sensor output can be used for relays 110VAC, 220VAC, 12VDC & 24VDC). Figure "220VAC sensor circuit with 4 wires" is an example if using 220VAC sensor with 4 wires.

Disinfectant pump circuit 220VAC + Sensor 220VAC 4 Core

In the Disinfectant Pump circuit that uses https://octavoengineer.blogspot.com/ a 220VAC 3 core sensor with a 220VAC 4 core sensor there is only a difference in the sensor output,

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