Game Mobile Legends

Do you love playing DotA 2? Must know if Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that is ngehits really on Android smartphone. You've downloaded Mobile Legends yet?

If you have downloaded the Mobile Legends game on your smartphone, Rikes will give but the tips to play Mobile Legends to win. Do not you want to play 15 minutes, eh it lost continue? Loss of quotas and time!

Tips to Play Mobile Legends To Win Continue Not just the powerful Hero in Mobile Legends, you also need to know some things to win while playing this game. As:

  1. Make sure the Connection is Stable

As an online game that is widely played around the world, Mobile Legends requires a fast and stable internet connection. Because if your connection Ping above 200, it will lag and can make you lose while playing. cara menghapus akun ml

  1. Strengthen the Emblem Before starting Battle in Mobile Legends, do not forget to reinforce the Emblem first. Which if the Emblem level gets stronger, eat will be stronger also your Hero while competing.

  2. Do not Be Selfish, Choose the Right Hero As a team game, you should not be selfish when playing Mobile Legends games. You should pay attention to what Hero needs. Which in a team must have Tanker, Assassin, Marksman and Mage. If there is no Hero that fill, immediately fill the position in order to create a strong team.

  3. Select a matching Emblem In addition to Hero, the right Emblem also greatly affects your performance when competing in Mobile Legends. By using the right Emblem with a high level, then the Hero you use will get additional speed, power, HP, remote attack, and others. cara hapus akun ml

For example, if you get to use Tanker, then choose Emblem which gives additional Def and Def. Meanwhile, if Marksman, focus on Emblem that can add Move Speed ​​and Attack.

13 Feb 2018 (All day)
United States