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Rep. Adrian Smith made a statement after the Senate version of an immigration bill was not able to make it to the floor for a final vote. He admits our current system is "broken." He said this bill was defeated in part because it would have "grant(ed) amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States." He believes reform must first start with securing our borders, among other things.

However, he goes on to say, in the same statement, "Meaningful immigration reform must encourage legal and timely immigration for those who wish to make a positive contribution to our society." Rep Smith supports immigration reform that protects our country, but also allows people who want to make a "positive contribution to our society" to have a pathway to legal status. As long as the DREAM Act is crafted in such a way to guarantee national security and not be perceived as an "amnesty," I believe Rep. Smith would support it.

He is from the 3rd Congressional District in Nebraska - I would encourage members of this forum who are from this district to contact him to pinpoint his stance on this issue, rather than having my guesses. (I'm not from Nebraska).

Rep. Smith's quotes are taken from his website:

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