Rep. James Gresham Barrett (R-SC)

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When Rep. James Gresham Barrett was asked about the immigration bill in 2007, he said "Don't give up on us. There are people who will still vote against this."

According to an article on his website: "Barrett said he doesn't support the legislation [of 2007], but said it his belief the House will begin looking at the bill as early August and definitely by the end of the year if the Senate passes it this week."

Barrett supports 287G, which allows local law enforcement to enforce immigration laws. “The 287 G provision allows locals, once they go through the program and get certified, to help enforce immigration laws. The sheriff in Mecklenburg County has had great success with it. I want to get my sheriffs together and go up and see what’s going on in that area, see how effective it has been. We have even talked about some form of collaborative process. The only way we are going to get a handle on this is to get locals involved in the process.”

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