Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL)

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Judy Biggert was defeated by democratic challenger Bill Foster in 2012 elections.

Rep. Biggert's opposition to any kind of amnesty or guest worker program stems from her belief that this type of immigration reform will negatively affect those who choose to come the United States legally and are currently waiting in line with USCIS. Because of several statements on her website and her opposition to the Reid-Kennedy Bill, it is highly unlikely that she will vote in favor of DREAM Act as a standalone bill or any CIR package that includes a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented currently living in the United States.

Senate Bill 2611, The Senate Reid – Kennedy Bill. I oppose this bill

Guest Worker Provisions "The Reid – Kennedy Bill creates a guest worker program for approximately 1.5 million farm workers and establishes for them a path to legal permanent residency. There would also be 200,000 new temporary guest worker visas allowed each year. Visas for immigrants with “specialty occupations” such as scientists, engineers and computer programmers would also be increased from 565,000 to 115,000 visas annually beginning in 2007."

Amnesty "S. 2611 creates a system that rewards illegal immigrants who have worked in the United States illegally for 5 or more years by allowing them to remain, continue working and become legal permanent residents. In order to qualify, these immigrants would have to become proficient in English, pay $3,250 in fines and fee and pay back taxes. This provision would also penalizes those attempting to enter the country the legal way by allowing millions of illegal immigrants to move to the front of the line of those waiting to become legal United States Citizens." - Rep. Judy Biggert

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