Rep. Dan L. Burton (R-IN)

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Although he never speaks of the Dream Act specifically, these are quotes from his page in regards to "illegal immigration":

"The next problem we must deal with is what to do with the estimated 12 to 18 million illegal aliens already in this country. A multitude of potential solutions have been proposed by my colleagues in the House and Senate. I do not support amnesty. Amnesty only rewards people for breaking our laws and encourages others to do the same. We tried amnesty during the 1980s when we passed the Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (which I voted against) when we only had an estimated 3 million illegal aliens in this country. It was a complete failure. Amnesty does not work."

"There is little doubt that legal immigrants - those who have played by the rules and waited their turn in line - have made significant contributions that strengthen and enrich the fabric of our American society. But the common thread binding all of these diverse individuals into one coherent society has been the English language. In recent years we have forgotten this simple truth and tried to adopt the language of other cultures as well as English. The end result has produced even greater difficulties and skyrocketing costs just to communicate with each other."

"Furthermore, this drive toward multilingualism has only fractured our society into ethnic groups and inflamed ethnic tensions."

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