Rep. Ken S. Calvert (R-CA)

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Without specific quotes regarding the Dream Act, here is a list directly from his page at

"First, I am wholeheartedly against amnesty. I believe it is inherently unfair to give legal status to those whose first actions were to break our laws. Below are some of the initiatives I support to deter illegal immigration, increase interior enforcement and keep our border secure:

* Public Law 109-367 – The Secure Fence Act. Mandates the Department of Homeland Security to build 700 miles of fence on the southern border. 
* Citizenship Reform. Denies citizenship to an individual born in the U.S. if both parents are illegal immigrants or do not reside in the U.S legally. 
* English Only. Declares English the official language of the United States. 
* No Credit Cards for Illegals. Requires the federal government and financial institutions to accept only secure forms of identification. 
* No Social Security for illegal immigrants. 
* No drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants. "

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