Rep. Todd R. Platts (R-PA)

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Todd Platts has repeatedly cited being against amnesty- he voted against legislation (S.1348, S.1639). He is a cosponsor of the Secure Borders First Act (H.R.2954), which would strengthen the border, increase penalties for certain immigration offenses, and make it easier to deport undocumented immigrants, as well as give more money for local government to "assist in the enforcement of immigration laws."1 He also supported H.R.4088, the Secure America with Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act, which would "increase the number of Border Patrol agents by 8,000, employ more Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigators, and help train local and state law enforcement officials in immigration enforcement."2 On, they have him as supporting building a fence along the Mexican border, for the prevention of alerting the Mexican government as to the whereabouts of the Minutemen, for reporting undocumented immigrants who receive hospital treatment, for extending Immigrant Residency rules, and anti awarding student visas to any country that "supports terrorism". FAIR and USBC gave him a 100 percent voting record (both are for the elimination of illegal immigrants from the country), which shows that he has a very closed border stance.3 He is also for making government services in English only, and for making English the official and only language of the US.

I am fairly sure that he will vote against the DREAM Act, but I put him as "likely Nay" just because I haven't seen anything about him expresely saying that he will vote against it. But he seems pretty bad on this issue.

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