Rep. Steve Kagen (D-WI)

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"Kagen, Steve, Wisconsin, 8th district is a co-sponsor of the 'AgJobs'." <--was posted by a now banned member.

I doubt that Kagen is a likely yea. From his website: "There are three things we can do immediately to address this challenging and complicated problem: (1) secure our borders; (2) obey and enforce all our laws; and (3) allow no amnesty and no cutting in line for those who violate the law. We must also demand that employers of foreign workers pay for the health care and educational expenses of workers who are here illegally - not local taxpayers. In support of large and small businesses, the federal government must assist employers in acquiring new technologies that can identify who is legally employable, such as the E-Verify program. In the end, our nation's immigration policy must be based upon the needs of our economy."

Also, he just cosponsored an efforcement only IR bill. Sounds like a likey nea to me, esp. with the quote about not even paying for education w. taxpayer dollars.

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