Rep. Paul C. Broun (R-GA)

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Rep. Paul C. Broun (R-GA) represents Georgia's 10th congressional district. Rep. Broun is considered to be a rank-and-file Republican by

Rep. Broun has received a perfect score from the non-profit organization Americans for Better Immigrations (ABI) due to the fact that he is opposed to any kind of amnesty, or benefits for undocumented immigrants.

"U.S. Congressman Paul C. Broun, M.D. achieved a perfect score on the Immigration Reduction Report Card issued by Americans for Better Immigration (ABI), a non-profit, non-partisan organization which lobbies Congress for reductions in immigration numbers. Broun's 100 percent score makes him the only member of Congress to have achieved a perfect score for his legislative career. The "subjects" Broun was graded on include Chain Immigration, Visa Lottery, Anchor Baby Citizenship, Border Control, and Interior Enforcement".

In addition, Rep. Broun has even gone as far as accusing a 23 month baby of being an undocumented immigrant as well as other hate speech. "Of course, it’s sad to see a 23-month-old child die from this disease. We don’t have any specifics. I tried to find out this morning specifics about this child that has died — whether it was someone who is from Mexico, possibly an illegal alien who has been brought into this country".

Rep. Broun has said, "I am fully committed to reversing the problem of illegal immigration and ensuring the integrity of our nation's borders," said Broun. "We can not continue to allow our government to look the other way when it comes to dealing with illegal aliens. I am adamantly opposed to any form of amnesty. I will work not only to prevent the passage of any legislation that would provide a path to citizenship to illegal aliens, but I will also work to deny them access to the economic spigot that draws illegal aliens to our country. Our safety and our very sovereignty are at stake".

Due to his continued opposition to undocumented immigrants it is highly likely that Rep. Broun will vote Nay on Dream Act or CIR.

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