U.S. House of Representatives
Outlook on DREAM Act

Name on DREAM Act Party State District
Childers, Travis W. Likely Yea Democrat Mississippi 1
Christensen, Donna M. Yea Democrat U.S. Virgin Islands
Chu, Judy M. Yea Democrat California 32
Clarke, Yvette D. Yea Democrat New York 11
Clay, William Lacy Yea Democrat Missouri 1
Cleaver, Emanuel Yea Democrat Missouri 5
Clyburn, James E. Yea Democrat South Carolina 6
Coble, Howard Nay Republican North Carolina 6
Coffman, Mike Nay Republican Colorado 6
Cohen, Steve Yea Democrat Tennessee 9
Cole, Tom Yea Republican Oklahoma 4
Conaway, K. Nay Republican Texas 11
Connolly, Gerald E. On the Fence Democrat Virginia 11
Conyers, John Unclear Democrat Michigan 14
Cooper, Jim Likely Yea Democrat Tennessee 5
Costa, Jim Likely Yea Democrat California 20
Costello, Jerry F. On the Fence Democrat Illinois 12
Courtney, Joe Likely Yea Democrat Connecticut 2
Crenshaw, Ander Unclear Republican Florida 4
Crowley, Joseph Yea Democrat New York 7
Cuellar, Henry Yea Democrat Texas 28
Culberson, John A. Nay Republican Texas 7
Cummings, Elijah Eugene Yea Democrat Maryland 7
Dahlkemper, Kathleen A. Nay Democrat Pennsylvania 3
Davis, Artur Yea Democrat Alabama 7