U.S. House of Representatives
Outlook on DREAM Act

Name on DREAM Act Party State District
Jordan, Jim Likely Nay Republican Ohio 4
Kagen, Steve Likely Nay Democrat Wisconsin 8
Kanjorski, Paul E. On the Fence Democrat Pennsylvania 11
Kaptur, Marcy Yea Democrat Ohio 9
Kennedy, Patrick Joseph Yea Democrat Rhode Island 1
Kildee, Dale E. Yea Democrat Michigan 5
Kilpatrick, Carolyn Cheeks Yea Democrat Michigan 13
Kilroy, Mary Jo Likely Yea Democrat Ohio 15
Kind, Ronald James Yea Democrat Wisconsin 3
King, Steve A. Nay Republican Iowa 5
King, Peter T. Likely Nay Republican New York 3
Kingston, Jack Nay Republican Georgia 1
Kirk, Mark Steven Unclear Republican Illinois 10
Kirkpatrick, Ann Unclear Democrat Arizona 1
Kissell, Larry Likely Nay Democrat North Carolina 8
Klein, Ron Unclear Democrat Florida 22
Kline, John P. Unclear Republican Minnesota 2
Kosmas, Suzanne M. Unclear Democrat Florida 24
Kratovil, Frank Likely Nay Democrat Maryland 1
Kucinich, Dennis J. Likely Yea Democrat Ohio 10
Lamborn, Doug Nay Republican Colorado 5
Lance, Leonard Nay Republican New Jersey 7
Langevin, James R. Yea Democrat Rhode Island 2
Larsen, Rick Yea Democrat Washington 2
Larson, John B. Likely Yea Democrat Connecticut 1