Entered Without Inspection [EWI]

This sections deals with those who have entered without inspection or have entered the United States without a visa.

The only option for EWI's to legalize in the United States without leaving is through section 245i of the LIFE Act. All options for the Employment & Family based applications can be filed when the candidate is eligible for 245i. USCIS will require proof that you're 245i eligible should you attempt to use the benefit and this can usually be proven by showcasing your name on an immigrant application that has been filed with USCIS before April 30th, 2001 and a payment of a $1000 fee. Those using the 245(I) benefit can only file immigrant [Green card] applications not visa applications [e.g. student visa]. You can find out if you're eligible for 245(i) by downloading the following PDF File from USCIS.