Rep. Ronald E. Paul (R-TX)

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Good day to you all. My name is Samantha, I am 20 years old now, still dreaming endlessly of having the same chance as everyone here who were blessed by living in this amazing country. When I first came here with my Mother and 2 sisters, I was 12 years old, eager to go to school and find a nice job to help out my Mother who worked days and nights just to bring us food and a cozy roof to sleep under. Senior year came in High School, and I could not be any more proud to have finally achieved getting there! I had already learned the language, understood the classes, and felt welcome for once in the country, all my teachers encouraged me to graduate, to succeed and become the difference. I want nothing more than that, to succeed in my dreams, to make my Mother proud and an example to follow for my Sisters. 2 years have slowly gone by since my hopes shattered right before my eyes, I don't know what to do any more, all that I worked for is not there because until then it came to my attention there is people who opposed to it, and the road to achieve them would not be as easy as it was for all my friends. My Mother was a very claimed Doctor in our birth country, she left it all behind for us 3, so we could get a better chance. I want nothing less that to make her proud, to let her know that all her sacrifices were not in vane. I want her to smile at me the way she did when I received my hard earned High school Diploma, to give her bruised palms and feet a rest and enjoy watching my sisters grow. She's done nothing but work all her life for us, I am most proud of her and want to give her a well deserved break. She has been diagnosed with Cancerous tumors, and all the stress and endless work continue to have a toll in her. She and my sisters mean everything to me. I want to become someone in this wonderful country, I want to go to college, get my degree, help others and give back to all those who have helped me get there. Every afternoon, right after a long morning of chores, college research, pondering new ideas to keep this roof in which we live in and the food coming to the table; once done with it and Baking pastries and brewing tea, I set up outside my house and make what ever little money I can, I clean houses and do their laundry, and when not then pet-sitting or baby-sitting is my other part time job. All just to save up for school. I want to become a Veterinarian, animals are my passion, extremely interesting little creatures. I have faith that it will all change for the better, that all those who want to go to school as bad as I do will accomplish to do so. We will move mountains and oceans just to do so, to accomplish our long fought for dreams. We ask to you all who oppose to this, to personally and truthfully explain to us why can we not do this, why do you oppose so sternly for us to become something, what would you have felt like if it were done to you and what would yo have done. We are all immigrants, one way or an other, unless you are a Native American you have no right to discriminate against immigrants for in doing so, you are insulting your roots, who fought so hard for what you are denying us. I am not seeking to change your minds, just to understand why is it so important for us to to to school and get ahead in life, just like anyone else born here, just like you.

Please explain to me what is so wrong in going to school and becoming productive, you don't oppose to all those leeching off the country, jobless and without education, them who can but wont for you give them all without a fight. Yet us who have done even the impossible to get here to this country, have to do miracles to bring food to the table each day and fight to go to school, us who want to do something with our lives You go against and do everything in your power to stop us. My question remains WHY? explain to me this for the more I ponder upon it the less I come to understand it.

My name is Samantha, one in thousands who have united to accomplish the same dream, and together we'll fight until we see it come true.

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