Rep. Deborah L. Halvorson (D-IL)

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Representative Halvorson has not staked a position on DREAM / American DREAM since she assumed office in January 2009.

Although MyNumbersUSA gives Rep. Halvorson an A- for immigration reduction, that grade is predicated solely on her actions to "reduce illegal jobs and presence." Digging deeper, that sole action was her support for the King amendment to H.R. 2892, the DHS Appropriations Bill, which required e-Verify for all federal or federally contracted work. Yet, 171 other Democrats supported that bill, including several representatives who support immigration (e.g. Reps. Abercrombie, Baca, Hinojosa). That single action does not seem elucidating to her position on immigration reform.

Moreover, she stated in 2007 that Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly (including herself) viewed a bill that would have allowed undocumented immigrants special driving permits as positive for public safety. She later stated her support for "earned citizenship" for undocumented immigrants at a Kankakee County Farm Bureau candidates forum during her 2008 campaign. She eventually defeated Martin Ozinga, who opposed "amnesty", in the election. Finally, she represents a district with a fast-growing immigrant community. Those factors lead me to believe that she is a "[l]ikely [y]ea."

Addendum from Abaddon: I met her staffer today and I'd actually say she's a bit more on the fence than likely yea. The staffer said that she is willing to hear from her constituency talk more about DREAM Act than CIR... because it's more realistic to tackle the issue piece by piece. Halvorson CAN support us so I would also go for a likely yea. The staffer emphasizes that we must target legislators like Halvorson who are likely to listen to our stories and support us.

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