Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL)

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On his website, Rep. Posey stated:

"Equally unacceptable for the American people is any plan to directly or indirectly grant amnesty by any name to illegal immigrants, especially when so many Americans are struggling to find work in this economy. We must secure our borders as a matter of national security, and once we accomplish that we must get to the business of deporting any illegal immigrants who have been convicted of felonies in our courts, so we can make a real impact in the fight to make our nation safer and more secure. "


In 2009, Rep. Posey cosponsored a bill to reduce illegal immigration and also supported an amendment to require DHS contractors to use E-Verify. He cosponsored an Anti-Illegal Immigration Resolution in 2010 that calls for the House to "1) pass legislation mandating the use of the E-Verify system, 2) pass legislation ensuring that America's borders are fully secure, and 3) oppose all amnesty legislation."


There is no sign that he will be voting in favor of DREAM act.

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