U.S. Senate
Outlook on DREAM Act

Name on DREAM Act Party State
Baucus, Max S. Likely Nay Democrat Montana
Bayh, Evan Unclear Democrat Indiana
Bond, Christopher S. Unclear Republican Missouri
Brownback, Samuel D. Likely Nay Republican Kansas
Burris, Roland On the Fence Democrat Illinois
Collins, Susan M. Likely Nay Republican Maine
Conrad, Kent Kent Unclear Democrat North Dakota
Dorgan, Byron L. Unclear Democrat North Dakota
Ensign, John Eric Likely Nay Republican Nevada
Goodwin, Carte P. Unclear Democrat West Virginia
Graham, Lindsey O. Likely Nay Republican South Carolina
Gregg, Judd A. Likely Nay Republican New Hampshire
Hagan, Kay On the Fence Democrat North Carolina
Hutchison, Kay Bailey Unclear Republican Texas
Specter, Arlen Unclear Democrat Pennsylvania
Voinovich, George V. Needs research Republican Ohio
Whitehouse, Sheldon Likely Nay Democrat Rhode Island