In-state Tuition in the State of Nebraska

Students residing in Nebraska and fulfilling the requirements stated below are allowed to pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities of Nebraska set forth by Legislative Bill 239 of the 99th Nebraskan Legislature.

Effective as of July 13, 2006.


Undocumented students must:

  • Reside in Nebraska for at least three years prior to high school graduation/obtaining a GED
  • Graduate from a Nebraska public or private high school or obtain a GED
  • Live with a parent or guardian while attending high school
  • Be registered as an entering college student not earlier than the 2006 fall semester
  • Provide an affidavit stating their intention to become a permanent resident at their earliest opportunity. If the parent ceases to reside in Nebraska, the student can retain resident status if the student has a bona fide intention to reside in Nebraska
    • The affidavit needs to be signed by a notary

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