In-state Tuition in the State of Utah

In the state of Utah, undocumented students are exempt from non-resident portion of the tuition at institutions of higher education, allowing you to pay the in-state tuition rate.

Effective as of July 1, 2002.


  1. Attended high school in the state of Utah for three or more years
  2. Graduated from a high school in this state or received the equivalent of a high school diploma in this state
  3. Registers as an entering student at an institution of higher education not earlier than the fall of the 2002-03 academic year
  4. In addition to these requirements, a student without lawful immigration status shall file an affidavit with the institution of higher education stating that the student has filed an application to legalize his immigration status, or will file an application as soon as he is eligible to do so.

To submit an affidavit you must contact the institution that you are applying to. You can see a sample of the affidavit form provided by Salt Lake Community College by clicking here or studying the attached documents at the bottom of this page.

What university can I apply to?

Apply to the university you wish to attend and work with them on individual basis. They must comply with Utah state law. The following universities have accepted undocumented students in the past: Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley State College, University of Utah, Weber State University, Southern Utah University, and Utah State University. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it meant to be. Once again, apply to the university of your choice.

More information

We encourage you to read the exact text of the bill as it was enrolled by the Utah State Legislature.
H.B. 144 All Actions

H.B. 144 - Utah Legislature.pdf10.56 KB
Salt Lake Community College - Affidavit for Exemption from Nonresident Tuition.pdf28.04 KB
In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students in Utah - Policy Brief - University of Utah.PDF56.32 KB